Davide Grody

Davide Grody

About me

Vaccinated, SAG-Eligible, US & EU passports, with right to work in the UK. Used to traveling for work*.

Well-versed in improvisation, music, clowning, sports.
Formerly employed at NATO & US Congress. Prepared, punctual, positive & easy to work with.
Multicultural, ethnically ambiguous, polyglot. Quick language learner, a good ear for accents.

*Willing to be a local hire for most projects (Financially & logistically more than comfortable covering any last-minute flights & long-term accommodation, plus close friends who can host in most major cities at a moment’s notice).

- Learning German
- Feature film "Arrête avec tes mensonges (Lie With Me)" in cinemas & VOD
- Musician for the Rockin'1000 (over 100 million views on YouTube)


Height (cm)
Eye color
Hair color
Hair length
Housing options
Paris (FR), London (GB), New York (US), Turin (IT), Pisa (IT), Brussels (BE), Bordeaux (FR), Los Angeles (US), Chicago (US), Edinburgh (GB), Dublin (IE), New Orleans (US), Miami (US)
Italian, American
American-CaliforniaAmerican-New YorkAmerican-Standard(native dialect)AustralianBoston EnglishBrooklyn-EnglishCanadianCockneyIrish accentMinnesota-EnglishNeapolitanNew ZealandPacific Northwest EnglishParisian dialect(native dialect)Queens EnglishScottishTexan EnglishTuscan(native dialect)
Main profession
Clown, Comedian, Dubbing actor, Model, Musical actor, Singer
Special skills
(Voice) imitator(cartoon) voice actingBeatboxingImprovisationSinger-songwriterStudio musician
Driver's licenses
B - Car


Professional background

Improvisation and Musical Improvisation - The Second City, iO, ComedySportz, Annoyance Training Centers; L'École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq (Paris, France) - Physical Theatre, Movement, and Mime; On-Camera (Matt Miller, Devin Shacket), Voice-Over (Deb Doetzer), Meisner (Peter Kremidas), Viewpoints (Erica Elam), Vocal training (Eric Delson), Clowning (Dean Evans) Satirical Songwriting (TJ Shanoff), Advanced Sketch (Billy Bungeroth), Writing for the Onion (Scott Dikkers & Seth Reiss)


Hot Water (Eau Chaude) (Short film)
Lead (MR) Axel Foley Producer: LCF Productions
Les Fantômes (Feature film)
US Journalist (SR) Jonathan Millet Producer: Films Grand Huit Distribution: Memento
Arrête avec tes mensonges (Drama)
L'Américain (SR) Olivier Peyon Producer: TS Productions Written by: Philippe Besson (novel), Olivier Peyon, Arthur Cahn, Vincent Poymiro, Cécilia Rouaud
Silica (Short film)
Chris (MR) Eliaz Rodriguez Distribution: Elamina Productions Written by: Eliaz Rodriguez (story), Davide Grody (improvised dialogue)


Emily in Paris (Series)
Italian Gelato Owner (GR) Jennifer Arnold Producer: Darren Star Productions, Jax Media, MTV Entertainment Studios Station: Netflix Distribution: Netflix Casting Director: Joule Casting Studio Written by: Darren Star, Sarah Choi (story editor), Raina Morris (staff writer)
Christmas Flow (TV movie (series))
Animateur MJC (GR) Nadège Loiseau Producer: Netflix Studios, Next Episode Station: NETFLIX Distribution: NETFLIX Written by: Henri Debeurme(idea), Marianne Levy, Victor Rodenbach
Classified: The Time Traveler (TV movie)
Mike Cafferty (MR) Mikis Fernandez Written by: Mikis Fernandez


Rockin'1000 Stade de France (Music video)
Inspirational! Deaf Woman Hears Music For The First Time
Cullen Crawford


Conflicts available upon request